How to Order
Velovita Products

Step by step guide how to order these amazing products.

Velovita Products

What do I need before ordering?

In order to order Velovita products, you should know the Velovita business partner (sponsor). He will provide you with his personal link to the store page, where the purchase of products is possible. Don’t know any partner? Never mind. Visit products list, and click to “SHOP NOW“. We have everything prepared for you :)

Product selection to order

1. Visit the right URL

Visit the page provided by your contact. The landing pages may look different (each partner / sponsor may have a different link) but each one contains products to buy directly.

You does not have a sponsor, visit this link:

2. Product selection

Choose a product and click on “See more“. You will be redirected to the product page, where by clicking on “Add to cart” you will add the required amount of product to the shopping cart. You can click on another product on the page that appears and repeat the process. Click “Proceed to Checkout” when you’re done adding.

Product selection to order
Fill in your personal data

3. Fill in your personal data

If you want to create a customer account and get various membership benefits, such as stock information, check the “I want to create an account (become a Customer)” box and enter your name and password.

The name you enter will be the name of the page you get from the company and to which you can send your customers. What is it good for? For example, the V-Fill program and thus, to get products for free.

Fill in the delivery information and then the payment information. When you have completed everything correctly, click “Continue“.

The system verifies everything, and when everything is really correct, all you have to do is agree to the Terms and Conditions and click on “Place your order“. In the right part there is also a summary of your order, including the amount and the name of the sponsor.

Product payment


If your sponsor’s name is incorrect, please do not proceed with the order and cancel it by returning to the introduction. Although the order passes, the product will be delivered to you, but you will be placed under the wrong sponsor / partner, which can no longer be changed.

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