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A unique blend of social sales and e-commerce with lots of bonuses and support.
Build a future that suits you.

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Have you ever thought about your own business?

Velovita Business Opportunity

Have you ever thought about your own business?

What if you could team up with successful leaders to show you how to build the type of future that suits you? We have prepared a way for members to experience their own experience, which is set up to help you win.

If you are looking for flexibility, opportunity and rewards, you are in the right place. No other business model offers a unique blend of social sales and e-commerce with bonus and support options like doing business with Velovita.

Velovita has a unique focus on the individual in order to increase his daily performance both mentally and physically. Enjoy the benefits of membership and start earning today.

Velovita's 8 income options with unlimited value
Compensation Plan

Velovita Compensation Plan

8 income options with unlimited value

  • Customer Referral Bonus
    Get 20% off every order and volume to the weaker leg

  • Member Referral Bonus
    Earn up to $ 144 on all initial personal member orders

  • Team Commissions
    Earn up to 42% of your team’s commissions up to level 7

  • Lifetime Bosnus
    Earn up to $ 2,500 a week and spend it on whatever you want

  • Global Volume Share
    Get a 1% share of total global sales

  • 5-year Retirement Plan
    Build 5 years, retire and you will still be paid

  • Refer a customers and get your product for free

Let’s go!

Are you curious about your success with Velovita Business Opportunity?

We are creating an amazing future full of health and abundance of life. Do you want to get involved and do the same? We are here for you!

We are looking forward to our cooperation.

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