Can’t decide which Velovita product pack – Brān, Zlēm, Uüth or Plôs – is right for you? Never mind. We have prepared a V-Pack for you.

What is Velovita V-pack?

Velovita V-Pack (5-Packs) contain 5 doses of your chosen product. These packs allow you to try the products of your choice. So you can try different flavours, for example, and in the end choose only the one that suits you best.

These small and handy Velovita V-pack are also suitable for travelling

Do you run a business or would you like to sell Velovita products? Great, the Velovita V-pack is suitable as a sample for your future potential clients or partners.

Velovita V-Pack products

You can choose between 5 batches of Brān, Zlēm, Uüth, Plôs THERMO or a combination of Brān + Zlēm.

Which V-Pack is recommended to order

Something different suits everyone and therefore it is difficult to recommend the right product. However, we can recommend choosing a Brān product to start with. The results are visible almost immediately. Then, if you are satisfied, you can add other products from our offer.

Summary of product effects

Brān is a nootropic blend of 16 nutrients optimized for clean, long-lasting energy. It helps to maintain a better mood, mental satisfaction while helping the body burn sugar and stored body fat.

Zlēm is a combination of advanced and highly effective ingredients that aid the body in nightly recovery. With this product, your mornings will be fresher as your sleep quality will be better and you will be more rested. The biggest benefit of this product is that you lose weight while you sleep. The secret is that your body “switches into exercise mode” while you sleep.

The Uüth ingredients in this premium product work together to rejuvenate your skin from within by providing essential nutrients that promote healthy collagen production for smooth, hydrated skin. With Uüth, you can look and feel much better than you have in years.

Plôs is a great product especially for those who can’t imagine their cup of coffee without milk, but would like to do something more for themselves. Your drink with this product can suppress your appetite, reduce weight or possibly replenish your missing energy.  Plôs is really a great way to feel good.

Where can I get these Velovita V-Pack?

If you are a registered member or customer, you can order them directly from your account. If you haven’t had a chance to try Velovita Products yet, definitely do so right now by choosing the V-Pack option.

How does Velovita send V-Pack?

Products are shipped directly from Velovita’s warehouse. This makes it easy for members to send V-Packs (sample packs) to their potential customers or partners.

V-Packs are packaged in a professional and clear three-dimensional brochure that contains all the basic and marketing information. The V-Pack product contains five samples that will make you feel much better, as if you are on top of the world.


You’ll likely experience increased mental focus and clarity, which can lead to insanely high productivity, positive mood, and cognitive function!* Order your V-Pack today!

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